TANNER SMALL BORE RIFLE Supermatch 50m, Mod. 200

Made from selected unstressed gun-barrel steel, length of barrel 710 mm.

Chamber breech with well-proportioned locking mechanism on both sides. During precision tests the locking mechanism gap can be accurately adjusted by means of intermediate spacers.

The tried and tested pressure-point plunge match trigger with pre-tensioner (no tool required for adjustement).

TANNER-micro-precision diopter:
With zero-play ratchet adjustment, equipped with adjustable iris screen. to a price supplement. 5 or 10 colour filters or combination filters (coulour and polarisation filter 0,6 - 3,0 mm) can be supplied on request and surcharge.

The complete sighting line is offset to the left; the detachable front sight support can be rotated. On request it can be supplied with VARIO- or DUO-ring.

Match-stock special:
Selected walnut, with laterally rotating and detachable butt, new check rest (adjustable, detachable and can be regulated), rotary-telescopic adjustable both sideways and in height (2 models available), front stock fitted with aluminium profile rail for hand-stop and belt holder.
SPECIAL: Stock model 206 compatible to all models

Mod. 205: Approx. 6 kg
Mod. 207: 5,5 kg
Mod. 90: Approx. 6 kg

With closed butt: 110 cm

Subject to design modifications without notice - 2012