Tanner-Standard-Rifle 300m, Model 206

cal. 7,5 x 55 Swiss, cal. 308 Winchester (7.62 Nato), cal. 6mmBR
single shot or repetition

Length 647mm, stress relieved chromium molybdenum steel.

Breech mechanism:
Rotary bolt with double locking lug.

Long side dovetail block for TANNER sight. Cylinder breech-block head of solid chromium nickel steel with 2 strong lugs, case-hardened and polished. Location in cartridge rim centered accurately with the barrel. Very rapid ignition. Firing-pin safety catch (will only fire when fully locked). Conventient right-hand safety catch locks the pin. Loading and unloading at „safe".

Adjustable in length. Trigger pull weight combined with pressure point ensures an adjustment from 800 to 2000gr. It can also be used for free match shooting. ISSF standard 1500 g.
NEW: the trigger of the standard rifle was improved by another innovation. The new TANNER triggers are provided with a translation role which offers the advantage that the arised friction force , when pressing the trigger, can hardly be noticed by the shooter. The use of the role is unique in the rifle technology. This promotes the adjustment possibilities and even with a heavy pull weight, the trigger still feels dynamic. Older Tanner rifle models (as from model 85) can be converted within 30 minutes.

Fast, instant, vibration-free ignition (firing path 5,5 mm).

Sights: Tanner micro-precision-diopter with play loose notch adjustment, equipped with adjustable iris aperture. By request upcharge for 5- or 10-colour-filter, with or without polarization 0,6-3,0mm, left displaced.

Made of well-seasoned walnut. Front stock: handle curved, swiveling, sideways adjustable, anatomically adapted. Back stock: walnut-aluminium anodised in reds, gold, blue or dark grey. Upcharge for other colours. Cheek edition adjustable in height and side. Buttplate in all direction continuously adjustable:
  - in length 45 mm
  - adjustable in height
  - rubber block emergeable
  - vertically tiltable for each 12º
  - upper shoulder block tiltable.
  - weight 5,5 kg after ISSF-Norm

Removable magazine for 10 cartridges. Solid magazine holder, single shot version possible. Each weapon is tested with 2 overpressure cartridges and is supplied with a precision test-firing data sheet for the 300m range.

Left-handed version possible.

Subject to design modifications without notice - 2012