André Tanner, Gründer und Entwickler der Tanner-Sportwaffen

At the 1954 Shooting World Champions Ships in Caracas (Venezuela) the Swiss National Rifle Team suffered a severe defeat which partly based on material inferiority. As a result of this defeat precision mechanic André Tanner, strongly interested in the production of firearms since a long time, decided to develop and to build a rifle of highest precision and quality.

In 1955 he founded his first compay in Neuchâtel and installed his workshop in a garage. His wife, Hildegard Tanner assisted the ingenious inventor and is still today responsible for the commercial sector of the company. It often happened that André Tanner got up in the middle of the night in order to note down sudden notions.

Already in 1955 the first Tanner rifles were successfully used by the Swiss National Rifle Team. In 1960 the _"André Tanner AG" was founded and six years later he moved his company to Fulenbach (SO) in a newly erected building.

In 1970 the 300 m Standard Rifle was developed. Already during the first test 580 points in the three positions match were straightaway achieved. Considering that this happened more than 30 years ago it is a highly remarkable result. This new rifle replaced the no longer competitve precision carbine of the Swiss National Rifle Team.

Numerous successes with Tanner rifles were achieved at European-, World- and Olympic-Championships, CISM World Championships and EC Finals. Swiss-records were improved more than one hundred times. Not only the Swiss but also the National Rifle Teams of nearly all nations actively executing the shooting sport are equipped with Tanner rifles. European and world records are the best reference for Tanner sport rifles with regard to condition, quality and technical perfection.


• 1955 André Tanner founds his first company
• 1955 Successful introduction of the first Tanner rifle
• 1960 Foundation of André Tanner AG
• 1965 Transfer of the company to Fulenbach (SO)
• 1970 Development of the new 300 m standard rifle
• 2005 50 years André Tanner AG

Prototype by André Tanner, 1955